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tami and kimberly

About Us

DeCorGawdz Maryland was founded by God himself in 2020!  The Maryland based decor business evolved without a business plan as its owners, who have been friends since their law enforcement careers began as early as 1987, never discussed going into business together.  

Tamara David started Tami DaviDesigns in 2018, because of her desire to be comfortable in her own environment and the joyful reactions received from family and friends after hosting their events and parties. Kimberly Marshall started KamDesigns in 2019, after decades of watching her grandmother whose home was always put together nicely. Decor gives me peace, says Marshall, especially when I walk into my own home and the beauty shines through. Simply put, my love for decor and design comes from my grandmother. Separately, the designers are amazing, however, it was God's plan for Kim and Tami to come together and share their gift and love of design thus the creation of DeCorGawdz. 

Our Values

Designing interiors and events based on the client's personality and everyday lives, is DeCorGawdz' foundation for a successful execution, every time. The Gawdz strive to meet their client's style and vision within their budget and the given timeframe. "We create Fabulous, Livable Spaces you'll love coming home to" is our motto for home interiors, which gives our clients the designer look within a comfortable living space they'll enjoy.

Client Testimonials

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The awesome DeCorGawdz Design team gave me exactly what I needed, some wow factor in my home office! I wanted an office that is functional, bright and glamorous and that’s EXACTLY WHAT I GOT! The color choices, the very beautiful rug, chairs, art and the feature wall are simply stunning. They also turned my closet into a work station for all of my electronics and files to keep the look very clean and uncluttered. I am SO VERY PLEASED with my office, there is not enough room in this review to tell it all. They exceeded my expectations and stayed within my design budget! Tami and Kim, you need your own design show! Thanks for creating a space I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

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